On Facebook, this article had a different title! How to do it? Via the OG Tag Modifier!

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On Facebook, this article had a different title! How to do it? Via the OG Tag Modifier!

On June 28th 2017 Facebook announced remove edit title, description and photo when you sharing link on Facebook. On June 17th 2017 this news came into force. Before this date, was possible after copy and paste link when you write status, change these items and also upload photo from computer.

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With OG tag modifier from SDU, you can simply edit these attributes before sharing link on Facebook, so your friends or fans will see edited post, without issues, with more beautiful photo or title.

On the first image is preview of post, which was inserted via original link to article and on second image is preview of article inserted via link from OG tag modifier from SDU. With it was edited photo, title and description but after click, visitor will be redirected to original link, where is article.

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Just visit our OG tag modifier, which insuring this simply and fast edit for sharing your links. It is absolutely free and we are the first in Slovakia and Czechia, which offer after registration upload your new image on our servers! So you don't must use external services to get link for your image.

Facebook these preview modification worked to Facebook Pages Terms. These modification can violate point IV.D and IV.F of Facebook Pages Terms, so you don't use any fake and phishing  web pages, which may lead to blocking your site on Facebook or your profile.

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