Terms of Use

Last update rules: 10/06/2017

I. Basic provisions

1. Operator website is NeuroLabs.sk, e-mail: [email protected], contact phone: +421 650 822 333 ("operator").

2. Website sdu.sk and aliases 0a.sk, ľa.eu, skrat.it ("website"), believing is an Internet website that provides services to unregistered and registered users ("user").

II. The rights and obligations of the user

1. Users agree to the terms of use, use services on our website. If you disagree with them, you may not use the website.

2. The user must not in any way intentionally restrict or hinder the functioning websites.

3. The user has the right to terminate the use of the service operator without prior notification to that effect.

4. The user of the website must not be shortened URLs that conceal fraudulent websites stored on other servers.

5. In the case where the user came across the address, which violates the conditions of use, is obliged to report using the form.

III. The rights and obligations of the

1. The operator liable for violation of intellectual property rights or other rights of users.

2. The operator does not guarantee continuous user functionality, fault-free operation and security websites.

3. The operator is not liable for any damage that might be caused to the user in relation to the use of services on the website.

4. The operator shall have the right to cancel the registration of a user, even without giving any reason and at any time discontinue providing free and paid services on servers for a fixed or indefinite forever.

5. The operator shall have the right to shut down the servers, even without any prior notice.

6. On completion of the services to operators and users to use services, operator and user have the legal rights if this entails. In the case of penalizing the operator for breach of the obligations specified in the user's rules and generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, the User shall note that to pay the resulting damage to the operator in its entirety.

7. The operator may, with respect to new technologies and services to change the form and content of services without informing the user in advance, with which the users understand and agree with that.

8. Operator is not responsible for the content of websites to which it is directed from the shortened URLs, since none of the content is not stored on the server website operator.

9. We reserve the right shortened URLs that refer to fraudulent websites stored on other servers without notice to the user to delete.

10. The operator is obliged reported shortened URLs to check in case of suspected them no warning clear.

IV. Privacy Policy

1. The user gives the operator information, private information, including personal data under sec. Law no. 122/2013 Z.z. on the protection of personal data, as amended ("personal data" and "Law on the Protection of Personal Data"), in order to provide services to the user on the website and register for an indefinite period while the user agrees that the operator these data are processed and dispose of them in accordance with sec. the Law on the protection of personal data in the case of personal data.

2. The user's private data for the purposes of these rules means all information that is not publicly available to other users or are otherwise shared (for example, data from which the user was referred to "undisclosed" and so on.) And post office, and even if if shared. IP address of the computer and access times (Logs) user are not considered private user data.

3. The operator will not sell private data and IP user to any third party unless so stipulated by generally binding legal regulations and / or at the justified request of the public authority.

4. By shortening the URL and then enrolling it into the system, the user gives approval to the operator (visual inspection of the URL and visual inspection of the website by visiting the URL) or is not in violation of the terms of use.

V. Price

1. The website all services (unless otherwise specified), free.

VI. Advertising

1. The user undertakes not in any way restrict or prevent your ads on the website.

2. User agrees that it will display ad on the website.

3. User agrees that it will rozposielané promotional emails (intensity maximum of two per month).

VII. Changing the rules

1. The operator reserves the right without prior notice users to change the rules of use. The user has the opportunity to become familiar with the current circumstances, is the use, at any time on the website. The force is always the latest version of the Terms of Use.