Terms of Use

Update: 24.05.2018

I. Basic provisions

1. The website is operated by NeuroLabs, Pod Válkom 16, 831 07 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, +421 650 822 333 (hereinafter referred to as the "operator").

2. The websites sdu.sk, 0a.sk, ľa.eu, 5du.pl, skrat.it, or all their subdomains (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), are public internet websites that provide services to unregistered and registered users (hereinafter referred to as "user").

II. Rights and obligations of the user

1. Users agree to the terms of use, using the services on the website. If he does not agree with them, he may not use the services on the website.

2. The user must not in any way intentionally restrict or disable the operation of the website.

3. The user has the right to terminate the use of the operator's services at any time without prior notice.

4. The user may not truncate the URLs on the website, behind which are hidden fraudulent websites stored on other servers.

5. If the user comes across an address that violates the terms of use, he is obliged to report it using the form.

6. By shortening the URL address and then entering it into the system, the user gives the operator consent to its control (visual inspection of the URL address and visual inspection of the website by visiting the URL address) or is not in conflict with the terms of use.

7. The user is obliged to immediately report the found security error of the website or its components to the operator.

III. Rights and obligations of the operator

1. The operator shall not be liable for infringements of intellectual property rights or other rights of users.

2. The operator does not provide users with a guarantee of continuous functionality, faultless operation and security of the website.

3. The operator is not liable for any damage that could be caused to the user in connection with the use of the services on the website.

4. The Operator has the right to cancel the user's registration at any time, even without giving a reason, and at any time to interrupt the provision of free and paid services on the servers for a definite, indefinite or permanent period.

5. The operator has the right to shut down the servers at any time, even without any prior notice.

6. Upon termination of the provision of services to the operator and the use of the services by the user, the operator and the user shall have legal rights, if any. In the event of sanctioning the operator for breach of the user's obligations set out in these rules and generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, the user acknowledges that he is obliged to compensate the operator for the damage incurred in full.

7. In connection with new technologies and services, the Operator may change the form and content of the provided services without informing the users in advance, with which the users understand and agree with the above.

8. The operator is not responsible for the content of websites to which it is directed from abbreviated URLs, as no part of the content is stored on the server of the operator's website.

9. The operator reserves the right to delete abbreviated URLs that link to fraudulent websites stored on other servers without notifying the user.

10. The operator is obliged to check the reported abbreviated URLs and, in case of suspicion, to delete them without notifying the user.

IV. The price

1. All services (unless otherwise stated) on the website are free of charge.

V. Advertising

1. The user undertakes not to restrict or prevent the display of advertising on the website in any way.

2. The user agrees to be shown an advertisement on the website.

3. The user agrees to be sent advertising e-mails (in the intensity of a maximum of two in one month).

VI. Change of rules

1. The operator reserves the right to change the rules of use without prior notice to users. The user has the opportunity to get acquainted with the current terms of use at any time on the website. The latest version of the terms of use is always valid.